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This course aims at providing participants with the necessary skills and knowledge in the modern functions of advanced financial management, as well as providing them with the skills of managing the risks of activities from the perspective of planning these activities, monitoring their performance and following up their results and increasing their abilities in employing strategies, models and methods of international character in measuring, , As well as their definition of the most important standards related to the risk management requirements required to enhance the security and safety of the financial system and operation of international organizations such as the Basel Committee. And internal control related to risk management to provide participants the ability to predict the problems that may face credit after granting it, which lead to the failure of the customer in payment and the ability to follow up credit and banking facilities granted to increase the effectiveness of performance and control of bank credit to avoid defaults.

What Will I Learn?

  • To introduce participants to the traditional and modern functions of financial management.
  • Define participants on modern tools to get money.
  • Introduce participants to the most important methods of cash and liquidity management, inventory management, customer debt management and short-term debt management.
  • Enable participants to understand the nature of contemporary financial management as well as absorb the skills needed for analysis, planning and financial control.
  • Achieving and maximizing basic skills in anticipating financial risks and avoiding them by following specific procedures.


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