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Human resources management has become increasingly important in recent
years not only as a pedagogical but as a strategy to support the

Modern management is convinced that the long-term success and survival
of the enterprise includes the relationship between cadres and

The notion that employees are supported by industry laws and labor
union activity should ensure a long-term survival of the institution.
The experience of human resources management has shown that there are two parallel trends of concepts:

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the intellectual dimensions and risk management approaches in human resources management
  • Develop awareness of culture and risk practices as part of human resources culture and strategy
  • Risk prediction, study and analysis to prevent their occurrence and reduce their effects, results and undesirable effects on human resources and institutional performance
  • Develop human resource risk management capabilities in relation to strategic planning, replacement, talent management, development, performance management, health, occupational safety and auditing at strategic and operational levels.
  • Developing the skills of employees in leadership and supervisory positions in facing the outstanding risks of human resources at the strategic and operational levels through reformulating policies, strategies, objectives, organizational structure, organizational structure and carrying out improvement processes.
  • Culture and risk management practices in human resources management
  • Risks related to strategic planning for human resources
  • Risks related to job analysis and design

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