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Radiation Safety or Radiation Safety Course for Radioactive Sources aims to
provide participants with a basic understanding of ionizing radiation, as well
as how to determine activity, units of measurement, decay and ionization. The
course covers radiation safety principles in terms of time, distance, and
prevention and how each affects the radiation dose. Participants are expected
to understand the different types of instruments used to detect and measure
ionizing radiation, how to use these tools and the requirements for the return
of monitoring devices, radiological safety standards and what should be
complied with when conducting registration and measurement of drilling using
radioactive sources, as well as studying the biological effects of ionizing
radiation and how Compared to other types of risk

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the types of partial radiation and how to measure and handle each type of radiation.
  • Studying tools and equipment used to measure different types of radiation.
  • Learn how to reduce worker exposure and risk exposure from radioactive sources.
  • Identification of all radioactive marks as well as the procedures and instructions for charging radioactive sources.
  • Study of emergency procedures when dealing with radioactive sources.


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