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This course is accredited by the ASMM Institute for people who have
chosen the profession of sales as their professional profession.

The course also serves professionals who work in the field of sales and
wish to renew their sales skills by providing them with the latest
developments in this vital and essential field of success of the

This course also helps individuals working in other sectors identify
the world of sales and how this important sector contributes to the
growth of their businesses.

In addition to learning self-management and the art of searching for
potential customers, planning opportunities and allocating resources to
make them successful.

This special course helps participants gain additional skills in the
art of negotiation, overcoming obstacles, solving customer problems, and
closing lucrative deals.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify and adopt professional sales behaviors and skills to improve sales performance
  • Develop critical and self-motivating practices to improve personal and professional effectiveness and efficiency
  • Apply different steps to the sales process and identify the need for each step
  • Analyze and apply the principles of successful negotiations and deal with objections
  • Learn the basics of CRM and the impact


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