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You will be able to sell organizaton’s products and services successfully and achieving customers’ satisfaction

What Will I Learn?

  • Realize the concept of selling; determine the concept of customer and its importance
  • Acquire a knowledge related to communication in terms of: importance, determining communication process key factors of success; acquire effective communication skills
  • Identify sales process steps; determine customers’ needs & be able to satisfy them
  • Deal with different behaviors associated to customers’ types of personality
  • Determine the basic steps required for sales presentation; acquire the ability to study prospects
  • Recognize the concept of customers’ complaints; acquire the skill of identifying their reasons and dealing with them
  • Determine customer’s readiness-to-buy signs; acquire the skill of closing sales successfully and effectively
  • Identify the concept of after-sales customer service and its importance; acquire a knowledge related to the techniques applied in customer follow-up; acquire customer retention skills
  • The concepts of marketing and selling process
  • The concept of customer


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