Training Package In Seven Stations To Understand Organizations – Material Drive


Get introduced to the most crucial stations that you must pass by while starting a job in a new company to achieve success. The journey of this course starts with talking about the concept of companies and the importance of knowing the full picture. Then it goes on to talk about the seven stations starting from introducing the common values ​​of the company, clarifying your role, moving on to the importance of achieving objectives, the structure of the company, and finalizing with the focus on setting your expectations, developing in your career, and enhancing your skills to climb the career ladder efficiently. Start the journey and get to know the guidelines for a strong start in a new working environment.

What Will I Learn?

  • First Station Applied
  • First Station - Shared Values
  • The Map Of The Journey
  • Introduction
  • ? Are You Ready For The Journey
  • Second Station - The Strategy
  • Third Station - Organization Structure
  • Fourth Station - Company System
  • ? Where Are We Now On The Map
  • Fifth Station - Staff

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