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“Back to basics” is the main theme of this interactive course which
aims to help participants streamline processes and institutional

This course provides participants with international best practices
that will help them understand the causes of complexity and identify
areas for improvement by focusing on eliminating the causes of waste of
human efforts, simplifying procedures, standardizing them and automating

Participants in this course will also learn tools for drawing up the
outline of processes, procedures, problem detection and opportunities
for improvement.

The various hands-on training tools provide participants with the
opportunity to transfer this knowledge to their organization and get
immediate results.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify the principles of enterprise design and its relationship to complexity.
  • Conduct analysis of the most important principles and steps in streamlining procedures.
  • Practice using workflow maps, office design maps and work distribution maps.
  • Simplify complex procedures as part of a practical study.
  • Completion of analysis and distribution of work on staff in an organizational unit.
  • Giving convincing justification for simplified procedures and their relationship to improving individual and organizational productivity.


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