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SketchUp is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-learn software program. The program
has a great ability to produce three-dimensional graphics of high precision and
high quality, as well as producing 2D drawings with quick and easy steps. The
program, like other engineering programs, depends on the user’s skills and
abilities in the final imagination of drawing or design and will be able to
identify the mechanisms and drawing tools available in the program. This
program takes into account several specialties such as interior design,
architecture and mechanics. This course aims at providing the trainees with the
basics and principles in the engineering drawing, in addition to enabling them
to draw detailed 3D drawings and add important details such as dimensions and
external influences

What Will I Learn?

  • Draw 3D drawings using the SketchUp program as well as learn to add materials, radiation and vitality.
  • Enables participants to draw and design architectural or interior designs in full dimensions and details with sections and scenes in three and two dimensions in easy and fast ways.
  • Enable participants to draw interior details such as kitchens and interior furniture in professional ways.
  • Enable participants to output internal and external v-ray output.


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