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This course provides participants with in-depth knowledge and practical
skills to plan, deliver, and monitor information technology and
security for both internal and external customers to include a complete
and comprehensive set of disciplines in IT policy areas, operational
security management manuals, security / hacking testing, ethical piracy
and black hat pirates.

This course also covers WIFI Security, Web Security, Human Factors,
Criminal Security, Security Team Management, Secure Operations Center
(SOC) and Computer Security Accident Response Teams (CSIRT).

What Will I Learn?

  • Application of information security standards to their organization and critical assets
  • Identify threats caused by viruses, malware, active codes and persistent persistent threats (APT) and consider various mitigating options
  • Formulation and management of effective electronic security teams and application of CSIRT framework, tools and capabilities for cost-effectiveness and robust solutions to protect the organization
  • Use NLP to deliver messages that will change the way employees work and think safe
  • Examine the areas of wireless security protocols, their security characteristics and the potential insecurity within the organization and in public places
  • Explain how to test hacking and hacking to enhance organizational security
  • Assessment of modern security problems: OSD and artificial intelligence mutations


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