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certificate aims to qualify to deal efficiently and competently in the
administrative aspects and activities involved in the work of the participants.
Its objectives include the principles of human resources management, public
relations, ethics, human behavior, the strategic role of human resource
management practitioners, recruitment, recruitment and manpower planning,
training and development, compensation management and additional benefits,
labor relations, job security management and industrial security And health
concerns of workers. Thus, the holder of this certificate has all the skills necessary
to perform his administrative function with distinction, competence and

What Will I Learn?

  • Management and evaluation of the performance of employees HR Performance Appraisal
  • Wages HR Compensation
  • Training, Education and Development HR Training
  • The concept of human resources supply HR Recruitment
  • Human Resources Planning HR Planning
  • Human resources infrastructure HRM Infrastructure
  • Maintaining human resources and job stability HR Retention
  • Human Resource Management Practices (Dealing with Government Agencies) Work Relation
  • Performance management and evaluation strategies
  • Planning and analyzing manpower using modern technological methods

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