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The polarization and recruitment function represents the entry point for any organization. And thus can lead to the failure or success of achieving the institutional objectives of the workforce.

This course covers all aspects of this important function in the world
of human resources from the basics to the advanced and strategic

The course also includes logical and correct steps to be taken to
structure and implement polarization and selection practices in your

This course also includes a post-completion exam to ensure a higher
level of learning, better knowledge retention and better workplace

What Will I Learn?

  • The definition of polarization and selection and the important role played by this function in the success of the institution
  • Describe the key steps that must be followed to develop an effective recruitment plan and learn the best methods and sources to attract qualified candidates
  • To choose the most appropriate techniques for screening and evaluating candidates, taking into account the reliability and validity of each
  • Choose and conduct the most appropriate type of selection interviews according to the varying candidates and situations
  • Preparing and conducting the previous interview for any vacant position in the institution
  • Implement correct metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the effectiveness of polarization efforts


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