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This course will take you step by step to learn about the best approaches to planning and managing public relations.
By following these steps, PR professionals will be able to achieve
measurable results and report them to senior management, and directly
contribute to the success of the organization by enhancing its
reputation and improving its relationships.
This course introduces the basics of PR and how professional and diplomatic handling helps you understand relationships.
Public relations professionals may face difficult and confusing
situations. This course will enable you to develop the skills needed to
deliver practical and achievable plans and gain management confidence.

What Will I Learn?

  • Description of PR functions in a changing environment
  • Planning and organizing a public relations program with access to the main tasks of the public relations profession
  • Practicing basic communication skills necessary to perform public relations responsibilities
  • Identify the role of public relations in supporting the image and reputation of the founder
  • Demonstrate deeper understanding of the foundations of effective communication with the public within and outside the organization
  • Planning and implementation of a press conference


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