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Quality management has evolved into a career sought by many around the world.
Knowledge Management for Quality Management has evolved to cover
leadership, communication, strategy, technical skills in quality,
project management and many other competencies.
This course aims to develop these skills and provide participants with tools and methodologies. The tools and methodologies most commonly used by quality specialists will be highlighted. In addition, some leadership qualities that all quality specialists will have to demonstrate will be highlighted. This course will also present the team development skills that the quality team must undergo. Using a combination of skills and different applications is the ultimate goal of this unique course.

What Will I Learn?

  • تقييم الالتزام الأخلاقي الذي يجب أن يتحلى به أخصائيو الجودة
  • Explain the role and impact of leadership on supporting quality management systems
  • Evaluating team dynamics and the role of teams in supporting ongoing improvement projects
  • Comparison of quality philosophies and tools and their use in setting priorities within the framework of their organization
  • Evaluate the ethical obligation that quality professionals must have


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