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Certified training and development specialists are required to provide exceptional training services in a sustained manner, and such demands can only be served through extensive knowledge of subjects in the training profession.This course will provide participants with practical knowledge on the marketing of in-house training, linking training to institutional objectives, analyzing training needs, selecting internal trainers and external consultants. In addition, this course focuses on evaluating training at all levels and competencies required by training specialists.

What Will I Learn?

  • Recognize the importance of the training strategy by aligning training and strategy with the training marketing program within the organization and cooperating with managers and supervisors
  • Use appropriate methods to identify training needs (TNA)
  • Test the most appropriate ways to choose interns and hire external consultants
  • Describe the success of training at all levels - from reaction to investment returns
  • Identify strategic, tactical and managerial skills for the training profession
  • Marketing Training


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