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Warehouses and warehouses are among the most important resources of the
various institutions because they represent resources or frozen funds
in the form of stocks, which vary to include primary resources or final
products awaiting distribution in the markets. Their main task is to
adequately protect these stocks from damage or theft. Warehouse and
warehouse management techniques include planning and organizing
warehouses, determining the required specifications for warehouses and
selecting the method to be applied to handle stocks that require careful

Decent, and phenomena that should be referred to is the direction of
institutions and companies emerging towards assembling all activities
that work in the affairs of materials within a single management assume
responsibility for the provision and management necessary for the
implementation of work and production established programs in the
project materials for the application of modern visions according to the
standards of excellence and quality.

What Will I Learn?

  • Participants gained skills in organizing warehouses and warehouses
  • Identify the best methods of selecting and organizing storage places and equipment
  • Identify the best logistics management skills according to international quality standards
  • Excellent administrative practice to improve warehouses and control methods
  • Identify the latest warehouse rules and procedures
  • Identify the advanced methods of exchange and transfer between warehouses in governmental and non-governmental bodies
  • To learn about modern methods of disposing of waste and idle stock
  • Mechanisms for evaluating the performance of warehouse management and personnel
  • Advanced models and methods used in inventory control


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