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What is the secret of the continued success of some institutions in meeting the expectations of stakeholders without others? Why do some institutions outperform others while others have difficulty competing?
One of the major differences between all these institutions is the
existence and implementation of a well-thought-out strategy that takes
into account the challenges of today’s competitive world.

This course covers many effective frameworks, tools and methods of
thinking and strategic planning that will enable participants to
identify the real reasons for success in long-term strategic performance
and help them learn how to adopt these successful approaches in their

What Will I Learn?

  • Application of basic methods and tools in thinking and strategic planning
  • Employment of models and frameworks in the strategic analysis of the external environment of the institution
  • Building on the organization's field of work in planning future strategic moves
  • Building competencies and institutional capacities to reach a competitive level
  • Choose an institutional culture that promotes successful implementation of the strategy


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