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The function of human resources in any modern institution can not only play an executive role, but must provide a strategic approach to management to become a strategic partner in action.This course will help participants learn about the tools and techniques used to formulate and develop HR strategies, and will equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to translate these strategies into action. In addition, this course will enable them to link the HR strategy to the organization’s strategy and provide human resource solutions that deliver real value by delivering it in a language that management understands.

What Will I Learn?

  • Remind basic HR courses and key steps for each
  • Define the strategic management of human resources and draft a human resources strategy
  • Explain key performance indicators to be monitored continuously in the Human Resources section
  • To measure staff morale and determine an equation to measure objectively
  • Distinguish between types of job leakage and determine how to measure it
  • Describe the main types of planning, budgeting methodologies, how and when to use each
  • Thinking and strategic planning


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