Training Package In Strategic Planning for Human Resources – Advanced Level – Matrial Drive


The aspiration to the future in the world of organizations and
institutions requires the use of strategic planning of human resources
as a tool for reading and looking into the future as it is one of the
pillars of the administrative system that crowns the successful path of
the institution and constitutes the cornerstone and the main indicator
of progress and so on.

Institutions are required to link human resources planning efforts with
their strategic plans and directions to ensure that the organization’s
strategic need is met by the appropriate numbers of skilled human
resources and required specifications that are in line with the needs of
the effective implementation of the Strategic Plan and thus achieve
future objectives. Human resources in balancing the needs of the
Organization’s strategy with its overall performance of future human
resources of all kinds and between the future resources available in the
Organization. In addition, human resources planning

Its role in decision-making relating to the functions of human
resources management working to achieve adaptation to the surrounding
environmental conditions and to strengthen the institutions strategy

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the meaning of strategic management
  • Differentiating tools used in human resources planning
  • Ability for functional analysis
  • Provide trainees with the most successful practices in the design of structures and the establishment of organizational evidence
  • Enable participants to design a strategic HR plan
  • Increase knowledge of strategic management elements
  • Ability to link human resources to strategic planning
  • Increased knowledge of SWAT analysis

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