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The complaint of many business organizations from the failure of their
steps and programs towards expansion and growth and achieve satisfactory
rates of performance and even the exit of some of the business
environment and fear of change, and the obsolete activities and products
of others and other aspects of failure are in fact the natural products
of the so-called strategic vacuum.

The formulation of the strategy, the setting of objectives and the
formulation of policies provide many alternatives to identifying or
resolving the aforementioned imbalances.

In addition to providing capitalization keys to future directions and
decisions to ensure satisfactory levels of performance for business

What Will I Learn?

  • Monitor future challenges and ways to address them.
  • To provide the participants with the concepts, objectives and skills of Orientalism of the future.
  • Defining the strategy in terms of the fundamentals, the scientific bases and the basic skills of management in building strategic thinking.
  • Introduce the basic practices of strategic management as shown by the interrelated outcomes of practical experiments and scientific background.
  • Focus on finding a strategic approach to a strategic leader that can be used and applied to achieve short- and long-term business objectives and policies.


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