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drilling fluids course is designed mainly to provide the participants with the
fundamentals and principles of engineering concepts as well as the theories and
fundamentals related to drilling fluids to enable them to use drilling fluids
in the operations site in the preparation, mixing, compliance and control of
the resulting transactions during drilling according to the programs. The
course covers the functions of drilling fluids as well as monitoring and
testing, chemistry and characteristics of the main drilling fluids. At the end
of the course, participants are expected to gain a strong understanding of the
principles of the use of drilling fluids in well drilling operations, as well
as the identification of the drilling fluid treatment system

What Will I Learn?

  • Enable participants to control, mix, and inspect drilling fluids.
  • Provide participants with knowledge in the mixing and preparation of drilling fluids with volume calculation.
  • To enable participants to deal with the drilling fluid system and to find the appropriate treatment method to prevent contamination of clay drilling fluids.
  • Compliance and modification of properties and fluid transactions according to programs, customer requests, as well as pit well requirements.


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