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Solving problems in the business world is necessary to keep the work going smoothly.
Although problems vary in complexity, most can be dealt with using a
structured methodology, which increases the chances of a successful

The presence of an analyst who is proficient in the use and practical
application of these structured methodologies – from research to
implementation – is an added value to any institution.

What Will I Learn?

  • Define the problem and make sure that the correct question has been answered
  • Split the problem into small parts that can be processed independently
  • Develop a plan of action that would prioritize resources and focus on key issues
  • Identify appropriate sources of data through research and interviews with experts
  • Interpret the data and follow a systematic approach in presenting the arguments for the results
  • Develop an organization story and present it to the leaders of the organization
  • Explain the results to team members and senior leadership


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