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The nature of human resources work has a legal and financial impact on the organization. Therefore, key HR personnel must ensure the accuracy and accuracy of the data they use and the processes they use in their departments. One way to check this is to audit the HR procedures and make sure they are in place. This program is designed to help participants identify critical areas of human resources that need to be reviewed, help them identify what needs to be asked, and set minimum requirements for effectively implementing HR procedures.

What Will I Learn?

  • Organize staff records and files effectively
  • Identification of weaknesses in organizational procedures related to recruitment, selection, retention of staff records, performance evaluation and salaries
  • Establish an action plan to improve human resource operations in their organizations
  • Link the importance of having an employee record keeping process effective to the financial well being of the organization
  • Develop a detailed platform that focuses on the accuracy of human resources
  • Decision making and initiative


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