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Any governmental or non-profit organization or charitable organization
with two types of activity is active in the same specialization and
other activities that support the specialized activities. Therefore, the
supporting services may be in the size of a department, department or
sector, but its role in any organization is a basis for the work. This
department, where the administrative coordination of technical
specialties and follow-up of projects and writing technical reports and
review documents from the higher authorities also interested in
administrative communications and internal and external correspondence
and work to develop relations with other parties to facilitate the work
of technical departments

What Will I Learn?

  • Functions and responsibilities of the Department of Support Services.
  • Planning and organizing support services.
  • Monitoring and directing support services.
  • Develop policies and objectives for the departments of the Support Services Department.
  • Develop the working procedures manual in its sections and work to update it from time to time.
  • Supervising the implementation of the regulations, regulations and instructions related to the support services departments in the Corporation.
  • Preparing the annual financial budget of the supporting services departments and participating in the preparation of the annual financial budget of the institution as a whole with the various concerned departments and participating in the discussion with the Board of Directors of the institution.


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