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We always need to work together, we need to be influenced and
influenced by others, and we have to observe ourselves objectively away
from prejudice.

The degree and quality of the impact on the individual vary depending
on attitudes and knowledge – our experience and past experience, the
type of community, the depth of the relationship between individuals,
the type of individuals themselves and the impact that may be on the
individual or among members of the group.
Some can not have agreement or disagreement, but there can be a negotiating process to reach consensus.
This does not mean that all positions of the group end with reaching
agreement, but negotiations often occur between members of the group
without reaching agreement. There is also the interaction between
opinions and ideas and the new opinion, which is often stronger and more

In order to achieve this, we must identify the factors that influence
the behavior of groups and the hidden forces that improve the efficiency
of the group so that they are always or often oriented towards harmony
and production.

Through this training course and workshops for collective work will
provide a distinguished set of information, which represents the right
input to form the required practical skills, and provide some practical
solutions to the problems of the administrative groups, and the basis of
the scientific solution plus self-experience

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the basic concepts and benefits of teamwork management.
  • Define the basic characteristics of the act of motivation.
  • Identify international experiences in applying collective management.
  • The main secret of impact on others.
  • How to make use of your potential.
  • How to leave a good impression on others.
  • Great secrets to attract people to you.
  • Make the other person feel comfortable for you immediately.
  • Protecting the dignity and dignity of the workers and blowing up the potential of individuals.


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