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This course focuses on the development of the skills for the establishment and management of various types of websites. The need for such a course is due to the modernity of this field in general, which makes the books dealing with these skills and progress in a practical manner, especially in accordance with the need of Arabic sites is rare, Which are established each month, whether independent sites or sites belonging to government institutions, media and private companies. Many of these sites invest in it a lot of money and are located in multiple errors that prevent the real benefit of these sites.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding the general frameworks within which the websites enter (new media - e.Business e-business, or interactive.
  • Effective and intelligent strategic planning of the web site to be built and managed at the technical level, site content level and functions.
  • Making technical decisions about the site, starting with the choice of Content Management System, hosting, technical infrastructure for site management, and more.
  • The site is functional and aesthetic, focusing on the principles of Usability, which helps to determine how to distribute the contents of the site in an optimal manner.
  • The functional management of the site, including how to build and update the site content periodically, linking the site and the organization represented by the organizational integration, developing the interactive site, and building the functional relationship between the site and its audience to establish loyalty to the site.

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