Training Package In Technical assets in the drafting of legal notes – Matrial Drive


The legal memos, like any scientific research, require preparation to
follow a scientific approach that is guided by the researcher when
addressing a legal issue. If the lawer lacks in preparing his legal
memorandum, this approach is confused and his reasons are not clear.
This may lead to dishonesty with his introductions. The clarity of the
reasons that support it may lead – in most cases to the lack of response
of the court to which the memorandum is submitted – to the outcome of
the memorandum.

What Will I Learn?

  • Achieving and maximizing the basic skills in dividing and arranging the note to achieve persuasion
  • To provide the necessary analytical and legal adaptation skills in the notes
  • Identify the legal responsibility of the memo writer and how to deal with that responsibility
  • Extensive study of the different uses of common language and the advantages and disadvantages of each term.
  • The drafting of written notes is practical
  • Study of certain techniques and concepts of writing judicial notes through practical application
  • How to Evaluate and Review Final Drafting of Opinion Notes
  • Participate in practical skills to formulate memos from the standpoint of choosing words, structures, vocabulary, terms and order of paragraphs.
  • Practice of practical applications of how to formulate notes of all kinds

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