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There is no doubt that the process of contracting is one of the most
important issues in the life of man in general, since each of us enter
into relationships with others to satisfy his needs and desires and to
achieve his various interests.

The intention of contracting is the agreement of two parties to achieve
a specific goal that can be legally implemented. If each party
implements the terms of this agreement, there is no problem where each
party obtains its right from the other.

It is not clear that the value of the contract and the judgment on the
accuracy and plot of its formulation only appear when a dispute is
raised and resort to the competent authorities agreed to resolve this

Needless to say, in general terms, drafting is a good organization to
highlight content. The term “formulation” therefore includes two basic
elements: form and content, each complementing the other, because
without good organization it is difficult to understand the content and
without good content there will be little benefit from regulation.

And we will deal with the will of God the best method and better
organization and coordination, and the legal provisions governing the
drafting of the nodal in terms of scientific and practical, in the
training bags, which includes the subject of technology and best

What Will I Learn?

  • Basic concepts of contracting.
  • In this training package we will address the following key points:
  • The term contract.
  • Difference between agreement and contract.
  • The emergence of the contract and its development.
  • Contract and instrument.
  • Law of contract in civil law.


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