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Public relations and media are the internal and external face of the organization. It regulates the internal and external relations in the organization and is concerned with providing a positive image of the organization, and in light of the variables of administrative sciences and the requirements of modern administrative organizations and the need to achieve quality in performance, this department became one of the most important departments because of its vital role in the relationship with Customers. 

What Will I Learn?

  • The modern concept of public relations and its functions and objectives, and the affinity between them and between advertising and promotion and publicity and revitalize the work.
  • Communication skills, public relations, communication levels, systems and importance in the field of public relations and media, and types of communication (personal, interview, symposium, conference, mass media and use in the field of public relations and advertising).
  • Planning and managing public relations campaigns
  • Public relations management and its role in crisis management
  • Ethics of public relations, the characteristics of a man of public relations, administrative organization and behavioral skills of public relations workers.
  • The concept of public opinion, and quantitative and descriptive methods to measure the trends of public opinion and the various factors that influence the formation of public opinion.

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