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The Executive Assistant is currently a strong influence to build a
strong relationship with senior management. This course will enable you
to have the right competencies to work with your manager in partnership.
Ultimately, your success will have a direct impact on the success of
your manager. And your competencies by adding the necessary competencies
that will get you to career excellence.

Through this course you will discover ways to enhance your confidence
and ability to think proactively, allowing you to become a real partner
within the executive team.

You will learn and practice the strategies of emotional intelligence
that you can apply immediately in the workplace, as well as participate
in in-depth discussions about the importance of system building and the
existence of structured thinking methodology leading to the
establishment of several systems in the workplace. This course also
includes a professional approach to visitors and internal and external
customers make your department Your organization is more friendly with
customers, and finally develops this course action plans that will
enhance your professional image and image of your department at the

What Will I Learn?

  • Full support to stakeholders to enhance the success of the work
  • Apply emotional intelligence to promote excellent business relations
  • Exploitation of modern communication concepts and strategies to facilitate the flow of work
  • Use the basic functions of management to build and maintain the various organizational systems that lead to increased production
  • Demonstrate professional skills in using creativity ability, internal customer service and handling stress


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