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The scientific reality has resulted in many obstacles and problems
facing practitioners of the profession of lawyers and workers in the
departments and departments of legal affairs, both in preparation for
the pleadings or the practice of lawsuits or in the preparation of legal
notes and research, the majority of which are concentrated in
familiarity with the basic principles of procedural pleadings and the
reciprocal relationship between the judiciary and the law , As well as
the skills and art of preparing defense briefs and incorporating them
into formal, procedural or substantive defenses and the evidence on
which they are based.

Hence, the importance of holding the program “Principles of Advocacy
and preparation of memos and reports” to clarify these concepts and
develop the skills of participants in the field of litigation and
prosecution before the judiciary in all its forms.

The course also deals with the principles of writing memos before the
judiciary and the technical principles that must be taken into account
in preparing the legal memorandum and the role of defense when drafting
criminal memoranda, general provisions of memoranda, fundamental
differences between defenses and defense, and the scientific method of
writing memos and types of defenses and their divisions.

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop the skills of trainees in the field of legal interpretation of legal texts, and provide them with the necessary knowledge to write defenses and prepare legal notes and legal correspondence
  • The ability to analyze, deduce and measure through the work of reason and logic
  • Enhancing the trainees' skill in choosing words and linguistic structures to express their point of view and presentation of their ideas
  • Ability and excellence in studying issues and subjects of a legal nature
  • Creativity in the preparation of legal notes with the results of the investigation accompanied by legal opinion
  • Legal language skills and formal and objective requirements for writing legal notes
  • Know how to prepare notes covered by the legal opinion and the provisions and jurisprudence
  • Understand the legal nature and relevance of legal advice
  • Apply best practice drafting legal advice


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