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The British Academy for Training and Development is proud to offer you a training course in the basics of negotiation management .
This course offers you an academic curriculum that includes the
definition of negotiation and the negotiation experience and its use in
various fields.

is no doubt that negotiation plays an important role in many areas of
our lives. Some may know this skill and some may not. But do you know
that you can learn the skill of negotiation in a systematic academic
way, making you know how to get what you want with less losses? Is
negotiation management a skill required in the work of companies?
course, the answer is yes. Large and medium companies work with other
companies and different destinations and conduct many negotiations, and
we can say that having the negotiation experience is important to any
employee, supervisor or manager. If you can now get the negotiation
experience by following an intensive course offered by British Academy
for Training and Development.

What Will I Learn?

  • Employees in the corporate negotiating team.
  • Directors of departments in companies.
  • Heads of the negotiating team in companies and institutions.
  • Staff in the Department of External Relations.
  • In-depth definition of negotiation.
  • Identify types of negotiation techniques.
  • Mastering the most important methods and methods of advanced negotiation.
  • Mastering the most famous negotiation management strategies.
  • In-depth study of the benefits of negotiation.


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