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  • ICT systems have become an important benchmark for the progress of
    nations since the late 20th century and may have become the fundamental
    criterion for the progress of a nation in the twenty-first century.

  • The world has entered an advanced stage within the horizons of the
    information age to benefit from all the available techniques. This has
    led to the change of many concepts and methods that existed not long
    ago. The change was evident in the methods of dealing at the level of
    countries, organizations and individuals which made the world live in a
    small and interconnected village And the place.

  • Not only did the technological change encompass different institutions,
    not only scientific, recreational and other fields, but extended to
    governments in many countries, with a special concept of electronic
    government. The Arab countries were alerted to the need for such a
    concept And to develop and improve their governments to a high degree of
    progress, and facilitate the work and work of its employees and
    citizens easily and pleased.

What Will I Learn?

  • Objectives of e - government
  • The difference between e-government and traditional government
  • E-government or electronic management
  • Stages of e-government
  • Services provided by e-government
  • Technical components of e-government
  • E-government requirements


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