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The most important subjects are network engineering, network engineering and one of the departments of the Faculty of Engineering, the Department of Communications, which combines computer science, communications and computer engineering. It deals with how to send data between computers and each other or between networks and computers or any other device. The network science is divided into theoretical part contains Information and theoretical explanation for the identification of devices such as router, modem, switches, types of protocols and other basics and a practical part of how to connect and transfer data between devices and the work of a complete network and the method of communication between devices and dealing with data and ensure the arrival of data securely. The student of network engineering studies various curricula covering various disciplines such as programming, computer manufacturing, applications, networks, and design to keep abreast of the rapid development in this field. In this article we will explain the most important subjects taught by the student in the department of network engineering to help students in determining which sections they want to specialize in.

What Will I Learn?

  • Materials for programming
  • Communications materials
  • Network materials
  • Materials for electronics
  • Special materials in electrical engineering


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