Training Package In the preparation of mental maps and their importance- Matrial Drive


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 training course
in the preparation of mental maps and their importance in terms of
psychological sciences and how they affect the pattern of work and
organization to achieve it in a timely manner, according to the
simplified curriculum developed by the Academy.

mental maps reflect the ways of thinking that have taken place over the
past forty years, and through studies and research they have been found
to be the most effective, and the mental maps are easy to construct and
effective, you have to start from an eye-catching central image in the
middle of a blank page, The image can be reflected in your thoughts,
where the mental map can begin with a picture in the middle because it
stimulates memory, stimulates groups and also stimulates your thinking.
The central image radiates the main curved branches and is curved
because it is associated with the brain even more. Self-centered
organize the basic ideas. Each branch has several branches, and then we
move to the second level, including the third and fourth levels. Very
quickly, we realize that the mental map adds a look of your thought,
with the possibility of adding more branches to this branch, This must
be fundamental and everywhere, where there must be one basic idea in the
branch, and the reason for that is that every key idea, every keyword
and every image is like an explosive star, since its explosion is very
little and is accessible to all and shows ribbons, The mental map alert
wants each of those stars to have the freedom to
Walid ideas

What Will I Learn?

  • How to connect the meanings and ideas of each other
  • The stages of creating and planning mental maps.
  • The location and importance of mental map in psychology.
  • The impact of the mental map on the business environment.
  • Concept and definition of mental maps.


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