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British Academy for Training and Development offers a training course
in the process of transition to entrepreneurship, to every person who
finds himself capable and ambitious to enter the field.

do not follow his passion in this life only a few of us, the majority
of us go to work and perform jobs they do not like, but are making great
efforts and long hours to achieve the dreams and visions of another
person, and fear of failure and fear of not knowing the point from which
to start, The fear of not earning money, as this endless cycle of fear
continues, will be enough to keep you where you are and stay away from
starting your own business. Such fears are surely buried. Feelings are
caused by fear of uncertainty and any entrepreneur is fully aware that
any company Their feelings of uncertainty and doubt, so it has to work
to minimize the
These concerns are entering the entrepreneurial world strongly.

What Will I Learn?

  • Aspects of business management and leadership.
  • Entrepreneurship and establishment of the company.
  • Team leadership and new challenges.
  • Strengthening financial skills.
  • Financial Affairs Administration.
  • Calculate the cost of establishing a new company.
  • Skills of preparing feasibility studies.
  • Developing negotiation skills.


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