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This course goes beyond the theoretical concept of the subject, not only the transfer of information related to the improvement of core competencies in personal or technical aspects but includes significant improvements in the performance of the sales team by identifying sales skills and communication practices and adapting to different sales methods to meet customer requirements . The course also focuses on enabling sales professionals to develop simple sales processes towards advanced consultation sales and transform the sales relationship into a professional cooperation partnership that leads to a large and long-term sales ratio.

What Will I Learn?

  • Evaluate the uses of digital marketing programs and their role in formulating an effective marketing strategy and identifying appropriate work applications for each
  • Learn about the opportunities offered by the use of advanced search engine software to add value and benefit to your company and customers
  • Launch advertising campaigns using Google to improve the company's interaction with customers and increase market share through marketing through social media
  • Apply Google analysis concepts to explore marketing channels and learn how to take advantage of them
  • Launch a complete online campaign to improve the interface with customers and identify potential sales and branding


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