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The Time Management Skills course covers the most important axes that help participants acquire the most important time management principles to help them organize their daily tasks and tasks and reduce the stress associated with accomplishing these tasks, as well as enabling them to manage time more effectively by learning how to plan and execute tasks and work plans in intelligent ways. At work or in personal life. The course contains the most important points in the process of time management and the importance of self-management skills and time in the life and career life as well as strategies to invest in time and avoid time-consuming things that reduce productivity by developing appropriate solutions to remove or mitigate the negative effects as well as the preparation and implementation of an effective plan of action .

What Will I Learn?

  • Provide participants with the ability to effectively set goals and priorities for time management.
  • Work on monitoring tasks and daily tasks and identify the citizen that needs to be improved in addition to learning how to plan daily tasks and tasks commensurate with achieving desired tasks accomplished.
  • Learn how to plan tasks and actions not to overly excessive obligations as well as learn to avoid procrastination, in addition to learning to balance career and personal life.
  • Learn how to choose strategies that suit your time management style whether your right or left brain part is controlling you.
  • Learn how to manage your energy as well as learn how to manage time to achieve effective and high performance.
  • Learn how to set up and implement your own time management plan and link the habits of the seven people to the time management process.


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