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training of trainers course aims at providing participants with the most modern
methods and methodologies for adult education and training so that they can
focus on the learner and the trainee and facilitate their learning process to
share knowledge and experience and participate in the educational and training
process. Through this course, participants will explore the best techniques for
adult education and training using the latest training methods to train
trainers and thus take systematic strategies in providing training courses that
meet the needs of trainees in these courses, providing access to practical
tools, strategies and techniques that make training dynamic, attractive and
effective . They will also learn how to improve their training environment and
training programs to achieve outstanding learning outcomes. The course includes
comprehensive training content that focuses on providing participants with the
necessary skills to become professional trainers who are able to manage the
training process in terms of: identifying the needs of trainees, designing
training programs

What Will I Learn?

  • To introduce participants to the concept of training, its objectives and basic principles as well as to identify the concepts of training and development.
  • Provide the participants with the stages of the training process and the implementation of the training program according to these stages.
  • Motivate participants to train staff to upgrade services and enable them to train on customer service programs.
  • Provide participants with how to design training programs based on inputs and outputs.
  • The participants' qualities and characteristics of the distinguished coach in terms of behavioral, administrative and technical aspects.
  • Enable participants to use effective training methods and means.


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