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good management of the training and development plans is one of the main
reasons for the success of these plans and the achievement of the benefits and
goals of training and development and the avoidance of the reasons that may
lead to the failure of the courses. The training department includes many tasks
and activities such as defining the main stages of the training and development
process. Training services and preparation of a request for training
presentations, creating a work environment that facilitates the transfer of
learning, identifying best practices within organizations and applying them,
using modern methods to identify training needs, and writing learning
objectives that are in line with NTA A training needs analysis, as well as
evaluating the effectiveness of training for the various levels using
appropriate data collection tools for each level of evaluation, as well as to
determine the best ways to transfer skills from training workshops to workplace

What Will I Learn?

  • To introduce participants to the most important processes related to training and development as well as to the importance of investment in training.
  • Identify the main reasons for the failure of training courses as well as make decisions regarding the purchase or design of training courses.
  • To introduce participants on how to manage and coordinate training activities as well as preparing training plans.
  • Examine the criteria that must be taken into consideration when managing training phases and training processes.
  • Identify the main obstacles that prevent the transfer of training and study the latest trends in training and best training practices.


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