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“Patient Experience” has become the benchmark of excellence for the best performance in the category of health care organizations in terms of quality, safety and service.Patient experience is a journey that can take the health care organization to the fore in patient care. If this experience is not efficient, it can have a negative impact on the reputation and sustainability of the Organization.The course provides participants with the knowledge and skills needed to design and implement a patient experience based on improving the overall performance of the institution. Participants also learn how to build a high-performance health care team, establish and maintain effective medical relationships, and implement strategies and tools to support and care for the patient.

What Will I Learn?

  • Attracting and engaging staff caring for clients and interested in providing the best care to the patient
  • Establish and maintain effective medical relationships by taking advantage of the most important internal and external communication strategies
  • Building a training culture that supports the idea of ​​exceptional care and service
  • Identify and address differences in patients' values, preferences and needs
  • Design a patient experience framework that meets the patient's needs and exceeds his or her expectations
  • Application of communication skills


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