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In the 21st century, sustainable waste management addresses resource management and recovery as much as it is concerned with the safe disposal of such wastes.This course helps participants dealing with waste to use the information gained to develop sustainability and cost-effectiveness of waste management in a local and international context and to promote good waste management practices in a resource-friendly manner, helping to protect and maximize the environment.

What Will I Learn?

  • Explain the use of the waste management hierarchy in the sustainable management of waste and its role in the circular economy
  • Use the principles of sustainable waste management in the Middle East
  • Identify opportunities in waste prevention for cost-effective waste management
  • Exploring reuse and recycling opportunities in waste management and management of environmental risks related to waste through a risk-based methodology
  • Use waste recovery principles to explore opportunities for power generation through anaerobic digestion and waste burning energy
  • Study the potential impacts of waste disposal in the landfill and identify more sustainable alternatives
  • Waste prevention


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