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course on business ethics presents the most important concepts related to
values, ethics, and cultural beliefs, as well as the most important
contemporary issues affecting the ethical and professional framework that face
different work environments as well as the different areas ranging from
consumer rights to corporate social responsibility. Decisions made by managers
and officials Making decisions in companies on thousands of individuals or
entire communities. Thus, productivity and efficiency must be improved and a
positive working environment must be created to meet the expectations and
demands of consumers today of integrity, integrity and transparency at all

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduce participants to the concept of business ethics as well as the importance of professional ethics in achieving and manufacturing success, improving productivity and competitiveness of the individual and organization and determining the responsibility of institutions.
  • Define participants' social responsibility as well as the impact of ethics at work.
  • Recognize ethical responsibility in working in different and international societies.
  • Identify and assess compliance in the company.
  • Study the impact of ethics in work and the recognition of consumer rights.


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