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With the increasing dependence of the global economy on written communication in business, it is necessary for professionals to master their understanding of this communication in writing and in the context of the various roles they play. Thus, excellence in business writing has become one of the most valuable skills for written communication, both in dealing with email messages from customers and sending them, communicating with managers and colleagues, or writing reportsTheir results or even attractive business propositions. The training program and workshop are designed to help individuals working in different sectors write and edit their daily documents effectively and efficiently. It focuses on how vocabulary and terminology are used in different contexts and contributes to highlighting common grammatical errors and inappropriate Causing problems of language misunderstanding and so forth. The program also involves developing a professional writing style, organizing ideas coherently, writing effectively in business, improving the form of various documents, communicating effectively to make a tangible impact, and finally being able to edit coherent and strong sentences, sections and paragraphs.

What Will I Learn?

  • Principles and features of administrative reports and administrative correspondence
  • Procedural Constants for Reporting
  • Preparation and drafting of reports and memoranda
  • Information Systems to Support Correspondence
  • Applied Workshop

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