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An integrated training program designed to teach you all the basics of web design with the latest design techniques, from the free design using Photoshop, through the process of cutting the design, to the stage code using the latest technologies HTML5 and CSS3 – This course includes beginners and professionals because it helps you understand the principles of web design start From design thinking to the final stage of professional design delivery .. It prepares you for the job market directly, so that you are qualified to work in major web design companies after completing all stages of the course.

What Will I Learn?

  • HTML5 Web Design Principles
  • Design using Stylesheets with the latest CSS3 techniques
  • Principles and basics of using JQuery in designs
  • Use Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 to be professional
  • Uses Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Web site designers
  • Responsive web design - compatible with mobile devices and small screens

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